Forging a new path into retirement life.

You realize you can’t retire the way you thought you would.

Welcome.  You are not alone.

The vast majority of us are in the same boat, if not now, then soon enough.

But… what if?

What if the way you thought about retirement was built on faulty assumptions. What if what you thought you were working towards wasn’t going to bring you the life you were anticipating anyway?


What if there was another path?

One that leads to connection, contribution, and vitality.

Start exploring a new path today!

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Opening the Possibilities to Live A Life You Love

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Sarah Carr

Sarah Carr


Forge A New Path

Embark on a journey through a proven process of personal exploration.  


  • “What’s most important to me?”

  • “How can I contribute in a meaningful way?”

  • “How do I gain the flexibility that allows me to fully engage in life?”

  • “How do I make the most of my income sources?”

Co-create a detailed path that integrates each unique need with highly-tailored financial guidance, inspiring and empowering you to pursue your next big, beautiful adventure.

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